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Shanghai XX was founded in 2000, employees of sb. The company is equipped with the electrician, welder, high altitude operation technical staff. Long term recycling all kinds of household appliances, central air conditioning, mechanical equipment, hotel equipment, kitchen equipment, office equipment, office furniture, home furniture, plastic products, metal materials, building demolition waste. The price reasonable, abide by its commitments, cash transactions, safe and fast, enthusiastic service, and strict confidentiality to clients. Welcome to the units of waste materials and personal contact to discuss matters relating to recovery.

Companies with strong economic strength, abide by the principle of good faith, in the long-term business activities with good business reputation has won the trust of many customers, and get a good reputation in the industry. Long term since, we and domestic industrial and mining enterprises, organs and units, hospitals, schools, hotels, office buildings, scientific research institutes to establish a solid relationship, with the continuous development and growth of the business scope, partners will also further expand.

Shanghai XX is a comprehensive large-scale recycling companies, all regions in Shanghai have set up the recovery site, provide more convenient and efficient door-to-door services for the majority of customers. The company has a customer reception center, Shanghai and its surrounding areas welcome customers to come to negotiate business.

1 undertaking large-scale demolition of buildings, the charges are reasonable, strong technical force.

2 the long-term recovery of scrap recycling, scrap recycling, scrap metal recycling, recycling, recycling equipment.

3 the long-term recovery of stainless steel kitchenware, TV, air conditioning, freezer, central air conditioning, large refrigerator, all kinds of electrical appliances, the backlog of inventory of confiscated goods.

4 the long-term recovery of various waste, second-hand machinery and equipment and its various parts: boiler, lathe, driving, steel, pipe fittings, storage battery, motor, cable, power distribution cabinet, electric tools.

5 the long-term recovery of the volume of books, newspapers, plastic, copper, iron, aluminum and other finished and semi-finished products, waste

6 recycling of construction waste: construction waste, demolition waste, plumbing equipment, doors and windows.

The company high recycling scrap metal, waste plastics, waste electronic waste, circuit board recycling, scrap recycling, scrap metal recycling, Shanghai Shanghai second-hand materials recovery, recycling, recovery, rare metal mould cable recycling, cable recovery.

1, scrap metal, copper, phosphor copper: [copper, brass (chip), tin, solder paste, aluminum (chip), stainless steel (chip), zinc (slag), lead, iron, scrap batteries, precious rare metal]

2, waste plastics: [acrylic, plastic, silica gel, 475, ABS, PE, PC, PVC, POM, PU, PS]

3, waste paper: [waste paper, yellow paperboard]

4, waste electronic: electronic feet [, IC. waste wires and cables, PCB, diode, triode]